Chalmers Insurance Group Acquires Goodwin's Inc. Insurance
April 28, 2014

Chalmers has announced it has purchased Goodwin’s, Inc. Insurance of Norway.

Chalmers president Steven Cote noted that the experienced and friendly Goodwin’s staff that is familiar to local clients will remain in place. “The Chalmers Insurance Group is excited to enter into the Oxford Hills region,” said Cote.  “We are committed to providing our Goodwin’s policy holders with the same level of personalized, knowledgeable service to which they are accustomed, including working with the same friendly, community-minded agents,” Cote said.

Individuals and businesses will enjoy access to a more diverse array of insurers, including a dedicated claims department that is available 24/7 to Chalmers clients. “It’s important that our clients have more choices for comprehensive protection at a fair price,” Cote said.  “We are committed to being an advocate for our clients when they count on us the most—at the time of a covered claim.”

Chalmers serves businesses and individuals from nine offices in Maine and New Hampshire. All interested in working with Chalmers can call 800-360-3000 to talk with an agent at the nearest office. More information about all of Chalmers Insurance Group’s commercial insurance, personal insurance and employee benefits is available online at

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- Jordan P.
"Chalmers was excellent throughout the process. They improved our coverage and ultimately reduced our premium. My agent communicated where there were differences and prepared a nice comparison of coverage. I was happy to place our coverage with Chalmers. "
- Susan A.
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- Richard S.
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- Geoffrey P.
"My Chalmers agent answered all of my questions, explained insurance jargon to me, and was polite and knowledgeable. "
- Jennifer T.
"I appreciate how friendly the Chalmers Group is when I talk to them. They always have a positive attitude. "
- Amanda H.