Community Spotlight: Habitat For Humanity

July 19, 2019
It was pouring rain but the MWV Habitat crew was working on their 21st build, with smiles on their faces. Anthony Ruddy, the project manager, took me for a tour of the house that will become home for owner, Ashley and her young family. It will be a solar powered, three bedroom, with a bathroom and a kitchen - living space. Anthony’s daughter, a KHS student, designed the interior layout and wants to be an engineer like her Dad.
They have 20 volunteers or so each Thursday and the project takes 30 weeks to complete, start to finish. They try to have the family in by November.
I met Ashley, the homeowner, who has three children and was most thankful to be a part of building her own home, and in a great neighborhood. The lot, lined with pines, is alongside two other Habitat homes in a sprawling yet quiet residential area.
So why were we there? .... LUNCH support
The crew needs fuel while they are on the job! Helen Goss, Account Manager has worked with Habitat through her church and brought this volunteer opportunity to her Chalmers co-workers.
Habitat is appreciative of the local businesses and groups who donate, go shopping, & make the lunches. Anyone interested in volunteering can go to the site Thursdays 8am to 3pm or any hours that work between.
It was a hit! They enjoyed the lunch so much that we are on deck to deliver again in August. They enjoyed the carpenters pencils as well & even gave me a Habitat T-shirt (good thing, because I was still soaked when I arrived back at the office, and wore it for the rest of the day). I can’t wait to see the progress. -Tia Gagnon, Marketing
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