Exclusive coverage for Vacation Income Properties

March 1, 2017

CVIP, Chamers Vacation Income Property is designed for vacation income property owners and those who rent out their homes short or long term.

Owners and property managers of the Northeast trust 

Chalmers Insurance Group to protect their

unique rental properties with CVIP.

Make sure your insurance company knows your home or condo is rented. A homeowners policy is not usually geared to protect the unique needs of owners who rent their property short or long term.

Why risk serious coverage gaps or cancellation at the time of a loss? 

Insure your Vacation Income Property with CVIP, policies designed to protect your investment properly.

CVIP is designed for:

and not limited to:

Connect with your agent today for more information, especially if you plan on renting out your home 800-360-3000. Many do not realize that they may not have coverage if they are using their home for a business venture.

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