Insurance Immersion: Colonial Adjustment Visit!

July 10, 2018

On Tuesday, July 3rd Hannes, Sarah and I took a trip to Colonial Adjustment to learn more about insurance adjusting. This visit was particularly exciting because it was the first time we were going to visit an adjustment company and we were all interested to learn more about this facet of the industry. When we arrived we met our guide for the day, Karin Francoeur, the Customer Service Manager. After giving us a tour of the office and introducing us to the staff Karin gave us a rundown of our day: for this visit Sarah, Hannes and I would be shadowing different employees separately to give us the opportunity for a more personal experience and individual questions. Following the introduction we jumped right into our day at Colonial.

To start our job shadows we split up to visit separate employees. Hannes started by shadowing Kevin Flynn, a Senior Adjuster, Sarah met with our host Karin Francouer, and I shadowed Christine Logan and Doreen Hannan, both Auto Adjusters. I enjoyed talking with Christine and Doreen, they both gave me insights to the auto adjusting world that I previously didn’t have. Doreen told me that small auto claims generally take around 30 days to complete and that her favorite part of her job was getting to help people when they need it most. She also mentioned that the biggest struggle with auto adjusting is people lying about the details of an incident but she does enjoy getting all of the facts straight! After my meeting with Christine and Doreen I had a much better idea of the day-to-day responsibilities of an auto adjuster and some of their personal thoughts and experiences on the profession.

For our second shadow of the day we rotated, Hannes went with Christine and Doreen, Sarah went with Ellen Bois, Marketing Representative, and I moved along to meet with Karin. Meeting with Karin was an awesome experience; she started off by telling me about how she got into insurance, and that her career started with an internship in the industry just like Hannes, Sarah and I. Karin also ran me through Colonial’s quality control measures, something that is unique to Colonial Adjustment and is a very important part to their business. Karin told me that this process is so important because it helps them provide a consistent, prompt and quality service. After discussing this with Karin I agree that it is an incredibly valuable step in the adjusting process.

For our final shadow we switched it up once again, Hannes met with Karin, Sarah with Christine and Doreen and my final meeting was with Peter Dube, Assistant Property/Marketing Supervisor (and fellow UMaine Black Bear). Shadowing Peter Dube was particularly fascinating because he gave me a look at not only his supervisory duties, but also more of the day-to-day operations of a property adjuster. He showed me a very interesting estimating tool that all adjusters use in the field. It was a program I had never seen before and it was intriguing to see what adjustors are really doing when they are out in the field. Talking to Peter about his job and success in the insurance industry was a fantastic experience especially considering he came out of the same school I currently attend.

By the end of the day Hannes, Sarah and I were full of new information about the insurance industry and specifically adjusting. Thank you to everyone who let us shadow them and for all of the helpful information and insights!

- Kelton Loper, Summer Intern

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