Insurance Immersion: Lunch and Learn, Ian Edwards

June 28, 2018

Yesterday, June 27th Sarah, Hannes, and I got to sit down with Ian Edwards from Andover Insurance to discuss the insurance industry over lunch. Ian began his path to insurance at Bowdoin College where he studied Economics and Legal Studies. When he graduated he was not quite sure what he wanted to do, and like many others in the industry, he felt as though he fell into insurance as a career. Right out of college, Ian was offered a job at Andover Insurance and has worked there ever since. Over the last six years he has risen to be Andover’s marketing representative for all of their independent agencies in the state of Maine. While we ate, Ian answered a lot of our questions we had about insurance, but also shared his perspective on what it’s like to work in the insurance industry—his likes and dislikes—and what we should be doing to prepare ourselves for a successful career. 

Ian told us that one of his favorite parts of working in the insurance industry is the amount of job-flexibility that is inherent in the field. It was nice to hear him speak about enjoying the atmosphere of his company and the relationships he gets to maintain. He emphasized that no matter where you go, there is a “team” mentality—whether it be within his company or department, or outside of the company between insurance carriers and agencies. There is always an existing element of working together and collaborating for a common goal. Ian believes that this an industry that you truly “get out what you put in.” Ian left us with some good advice as we are all entering our junior and senior years in college. Recognizing the cliché, Ian advised us not to procrastinate, and to work hard early on to get good internship’s (check), and good interviews which will lead us to good jobs. He also reminded us to enjoy being in school as it will be over before we know it!

Afterwards, I felt that we left our time with not only a better understanding of Ian’s job, company, and industry, but a solid advice heading forward on our insurance journey.

Thank you Ian for your insights and advice!

-Kelton Loper, Summer Intern

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