Insurance Immersion: Lunch n' Learn with Ian Edwards and Pat Duchette from Andover Insurance

August 8, 2019

Remi and I recently sat down for lunch with Special Agent (what a cool title, am I right?) Ian Edwards and Director of Personal Lines Underwriting Pat Duchette from Andover Insurance. It was a lot of fun to learn about what a “day in the life” looks like in their positions.

FUN FACT: Both Ian and Pat are graduates of Bowdoin College, just like our very own Steve Cote, Dottie Chalmers Cutter, and Jim Chalmers!

Ian’s role can be compared to that of a marketing rep. His major objectives are to write profitable business and maintain agency relationships. In our conversation with Ian, he made a great point that I had never considered before. The world’s financial markets are 100% dependent upon insurance. This never occurred to me, but it makes complete sense considering the fact that almost everything in the world needs to be insured in some capacity – even insurance companies themselves.

Pat’s days always look different as a director of underwriting. At base level, he determines whether or not to write certain risks. This means he spends a lot of time interacting with agents and discussing his decisions. His goal is to use every conversation with an agent as a chance to grow his relationship with them, even if he is delivering a “no.” One part of Pat’s job that sounds really interesting to me is finding new coverages that would allow Andover to offer a better product, and then researching how to get them to market.

It is thanks to Ian and Pat that I finally know what pre-underwriting is. I have heard this term many times over the course of this internship, but I never really knew what it was until they explained it to me. Pre-underwriting is when an agent asks a client all of the questions that an underwriter will eventually ask, thus expediting the process.

Thank you to Ian and Pat for sharing so much knowledge and great advice with Remi and I!

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