Insurance Immersion: Our First Day on the Road!

June 1, 2018

On Thursday, May 31st Kelton and I had our first day out of the office. We started our day at Bonny Eagle High School with Lexi Richardson (Group Specialist) presenting to Jen Mayberry’s “Home Economics” class about insurance. Ms. Mayberry’s class was a mixture of all grade levels. The presentation we shared teaches the basics of Homeowners/Renters and Auto Insurance and why is it important for them to understand how it works.

This presentation was not only a learning experience for the class, but for Kelton and I as well. The class was very attentive and almost everyone participated – which makes it so much more fun! To engage more participation from the class, Kelton and I rewarded interactive student’s candy. Who doesn’t love a free piece of candy and learning all about insurance!?

After Bonny Eagle HS, we headed to the Parsonsfield office where we met some new, and bright shining faces. However, I would like to highlight Denise Davis, the Commercial Lines Claims Manager that welcomed us with open arms and spent the afternoon with us.

As Kelton and I made our way into the Parsonsfield office, Nina Vono, the Agency Assistant at the front desk greeted us with the biggest smile on her face. Denise came out to the waiting area and showed us to her office—along the way, we were introduced to Mary Mitchell, a Commercial/Personal Agent, and Mary Pingree another Personal Agent, on the way to her office – both very sweet ladies!

Denise had two chairs already set up in her office for Kelton and I. It was great to see and feel her excitement to have us spend the afternoon with her. When we sat down, Denise immediately shared tons of information about her job in Claims.

To understand more, we asked her the following questions:

What is your favorite part of your job?

“I like helping people and like the challenge of having something new coming in every day.”

What are your favorite claims to deal with?

“That’s tough, I absolutely love Commercial Lines and the challenge of following a coverage trail through the policy forms, but I feel like Personal Lines claims have more “personality”. They’re the everyday people and the everyday things that can happen. Most times these are the oddest claim situations that come through. I especially like the wild animal ones, porcupines that ate the brake lines on all of the insured’s vehicles or the “flying moose” description one time for an auto loss. These crack me up!”

What is the most interesting part of your job?

“It’s interesting to me that insurance is something that everyone knows exists and it’s something they should or need to have, but it amazes me how little the general public understands about it. The insurance myths out there that people believe to be true, I always wonder where these actually come from?!?”

What is something FUN about you?

“No one thing….just that I am fun!!!”

What a great day it was! Next Wednesday, June 6th, Kelton and I will be visiting Patrons Oxford Insurance Company in Portland, Maine.

-Sarah Giggey, Summer Intern

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