Insurance Immersion: Taylor and Remi Visit Presque Isle!

June 28, 2019

Last Tuesday, Remi and I had the opportunity to visit Presque Isle to work on the annual intern project! This year's project was a lot of fun, but we want the details to be a surprise, so I'll just tell you about all the other fun things we did on our little road trip!

The trip started at the Gray Park and Ride where Remi and I met Tia Gagnon, our marketing manager here at Chalmers, to embark on a four-hour car ride up to Presque Isle. We made a couple pit stops of course, but only for the essentials (coffee, obviously).

When we arrived in Presque Isle, we checked in to our hotel and then headed right over to MMG to meet up with all the other interns from MMG, Cross Insurance, and F.A. Peabody for an office tour.

Taylor and Remi in front of the MMG Insurance Office in Presque Isle

We were greeted by Margo Dyer, a human resources generalist at MMG. She gave us an extremely comprehensive tour of the office, which began right through the front doors where an entire wall is mapped with the company's rich history. Margo told us that MMG began in 1897 as a fire insurance company that served to protect farmers against losses and damages to their farms.

Fun Fact: When MMG reached $100 million in premium volume, every single employee got a $100 bill. The same thing happened when the company reached $200 million in premium volume, except every employee got two $100 bills. Talk about a great incentive to reach $300 million in premium volume!

Timeline of MMG's company history mapped  out on a wall in their office

The office tour ended in the conference room where all of the interns got to meet the president and executive vice president of MMG, Larry Shaw and Matt McHatten. They told us all about the company and we got to ask them tons of questions. I personally learned a lot about reinsurance that I never knew before. I always wondered who insures reinsurance companies if reinsurance companies insure insurance companies (how's that for a mouthful?). Larry and Matt explained that reinsurance companies insure each other in order to distribute risk, which I have learned is essentially what insurance is all about.

Another Fun Fact: You can see in the picture below that the table in the conference room is round. This was done intentionally so that no particular person sits at the head of the table, which I think this is a great way to support a team-centered work environment.

Conference room at MMG; Interns from Chalmers, MMG, Cross, and F.A. Peabody with MMG President Larry Shaw and Executive Vice President Matt McHatten

After meeting Larry and Matt, we headed to downtown Presque Isle for dinner at Cafe Sorpreso. The food was great and it was so nice to get an opportunity to chat with the interns from MMG, Cross, and F.A. Peabody about what they have been up to so far this summer. We headed back to the hotel after that where Remi and I, along with the interns from Cross, rehearsed our parts for the video we would film the next day. Then it was off to bed to rest up!

We met everyone at MMG first thing in the morning to get started on a long day of filming with the help of the wonderful crew from Sutherland Weston. It was a ton of fun!

All of the interns at MMG on the day of filming

Thank you to Tia for being Remi and I's chaperone on this trip, thank you to everyone at MMG for being such wonderful hosts, and thank you to Sutherland Weston for all the work they did to help us with our project. I can't wait to see the final product! I know we'll be sharing it all over social media, so keep an eye out!


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