Keep Coverage on During the Offseason

September 13, 2017

Insurance premiums on seasonal vehicles are adjusted for this use. The amount you pay for insurance is based on the time you normally use the vehicle however, coverage is year-round.

Summer is winding down, you’re enjoying your last ride on your boat or taking your antique auto for a final spin before storing them. Should you cancel your coverage now and get a new policy in the spring? Besides, you're not going to use your toys until then and most likely won't break it! You think it will save some money. That is not always the case. Your seasonal vehicle needs year round coverage to protect it during storage.

Why Year Round Coverage is Important

By keeping your seasonal vehicle insured, you make sure you have coverage for resulting damages from things like theft, fire, or weather related instances. If you cancel your motorcycle policy because it is stored, and your garage catches fire, you would be left paying for your bike on your own.

'Toys' and seasonal vehicles are not covered by your homeowners' insurance. That is why they require their own policies.

Cancelling your insurance in the off-season doesn’t necessarily mean you will save money and definitely will not save you time. Before making any changes, check with your Chalmers Insurance agent first, 800-360-3000. 

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