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Personal Benefit Planning: How Does Disability Income Insurance Fit Into Your Story?

June 29, 2020






Need to consider or are just starting to consider the importance of income protection

Uncertain of how to provide for your family now and for years to come, if you are unable to work and grow your career

 Does your family rely on your personal income?

Are your goals for the future based on your success and growth at work?

Where would you find the funds to provide for yourself and your loved ones?

What might your family need to sacrifice or put on hold?


Initial Income Protection:

Many people are more concerned with accumulating wealth and may not realize the impact a disability could have on their current life and future success.

Protecting your income with a solid disability insurance plan can help ensure your ability to provide for your loved ones now while preparing a solid foundation for future financial growth.

Own or are considering life insurance

Uncertain of how to provide for your family if they suffer a disability just as you are planning to provide for them in case of your premature death

You've protected your income with life insurance in the event of your premature death. Have you considered how your family would manage if you were disabled?

What would happen if you were out of work for months or even years?

Would your family need financial help to replace the income you would normally provide?


Balanced Income Protection:

Bring income protection into balance with both life insurance and DI. Those with life insurance have shown their desire to take care of their loved ones should they die prematurely.

Complete the plan by also providing for loved ones in case they suffer a disability.









Have disability insurance through work

Uncertain of how to get by on the benefit amount that would be provided by your limited coverage through work

Can you and your family maintain your lifestyle on only half of your income or less?

Would your coverage through work cover your bonuses, commissions, or other incentive pay?

After taxes and other reductions are applied, what benefit amount could you reasonably expect to receive each month? Is it enough for your needs?

Do you think you might change jobs in the future? Or do you have any concern that your employer might decide to stop providing coverage?


Supplemental Income Protection:

Many people have taken the first step toward income protection by enrolling in group disability coverage through work. Recognize the limits of group DI and make sure your plan will adequately cover them, especially if your work

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