Protect Your Eyes From the Summer Sun

May 8, 2017

While most people are aware of the cause-and-effect relationship between the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and skin cancer, less people are aware of the damage that the sun and UV radiation can cause to the eyes. Of those who do protect their eyes with sunglasses, 47 percent don’t check the UV protection level of their sunglasses before purchasing them.

According to the American Optometric Association, both short- and long-term exposure to sunlight can cause damage to the eyes. Short-term exposure can lead to any of the following conditions:

Long-term overexposure to sunlight and UV radiation over the course of a lifetime can also result in cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and cancer that affects the skin around the eye or even the eye itself. 

Outdoor workers need eyewear that protects them not only from job hazards, but also from the sun. In order to reduce sun exposure to the eyes, consider the following tips when working outdoors:


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