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Training Staff to Guard Against Cyber Attacks

August 24, 2020
Using mobile devices to work remotely is becoming the new norm. But when your employees use phones, tablets and laptops to access your network and do their jobs, they’re essentially providing hackers with more entry points, leaving your organization highly vulnerable to attacks.
No matter how many security measures you take, they’re useless if you don’t supplement them with employee training. Here are five ways to help employees protect your company from cyber attacks:
  1. Offer training on phishing and spam. Show your employees what to look for so they can alert IT if they receive a suspicious email. You can also use phishing simulator training tools, which attempt to trick your employees into opening the wrong types of email. The employees who click on those emails can then be flagged for additional training.
  2. Provide strong password training. Passwords should be changed on a regular basis and contain more than seven characters, an uppercase letter, a number and a symbol.
  3. Teach employees to report problems. Even if your employees clicked on something they shouldn't have, it's important that they feel comfortable reporting their infractions so any potential threat can be addressed immediately.
  4. Insist that your employees update all software when new updates become available. Vulnerabilities spread like wildfire among hackers. If employees fail to perform updates, they’re allowing hackers access to the device and possibly your entire network.
  5. Give remote access and Wi-Fi training and set up a virtual private network (VPN). Any employee that works remotely should use that VPN at all times for all activities.

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