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“Thousands of four-legged patients get great healthcare from our veterinarians and staff. But for our people, Chalmers does an amazing job getting us just the right health plan."

—Jenn MacDonald, Practice Manager, with Susan Simkins, DVM, Co-owner, Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital

“A veterinary practice is a unique type of business, and we’re the largest in the area, with three owners, seven veterinarians and two dozen staff in total. When we asked for quotes to provide a health plan, another firm sent us numbers, but Chalmers took the time to explain all the options—in simple, human terms.

“Healthcare these days is a complicated subject, but Chalmers focused on what we really need to know. They were also willing to tailor plans to our needs. And they always make someone available to respond when we have a question or coverage issue to discuss.

“The Chalmers agents and staff are extremely knowledgeable about everything they offer. That’s why we use Chalmers for all our needs: insurance for the business, the building, liability and an umbrella policy, as well as our group benefits.

“The bottom line: Chalmers takes care of our health plan and insurance, so we can take care of your pets!”

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