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“Two floods at our yoga studio—one during class!—could have been devastating. But the Chalmers team always remained calm, clear and reassuring, from their immediate  response through the successful completion of our claims."

—Danielle Toolan & Heidi MacVane, Co-owners, Greener Postures Yoga, Falmouth & South Portland

“With several subcontractors teaching, and hundreds of students taking our classes every week, insurance is essential to our business. Having the Chalmers team behind us has given us the confidence to grow.

The coverage they recommended has been just right, and has already saved us on two occasions of flooding in our South Portland Studio, one from a water main break and the other from heavy rains that overwhelmed the drains.

“After one flood, we had to toss everything the water touched and were out of business for nearly five days. Fortunately, Chalmers had us covered with loss-of-business insurance that kicked in after 72 hours.

“Their team made recovery very smooth. They came the next morning to assess the damage, and were very reassuring, comforting and helpful. They made the thousand little things we had to do, from collecting receipts to figuring out schedules, less overwhelming.

“At each milestone in our growth, we reflect that we might not be here if it weren’t for Jim Chalmers’ encouragement to start the business. He said he’d help make sure we got the insurance we need, and has been true to his word.

We completely trust the guidance Chalmers provides.

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