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“Savvy, honest and right in our neck of the woods: what else could we ask for from our insurance agent?”

—Gayla & Richard McLucas (center) with their daughter, Jennilee, and her husband, Phil Barsanti 

R. C. McLucas is a family-owned company that logs and trucks forestry products and firewood. Established in 1988 with one truck, they've experienced remarkable growth over the past 30 years, and now have 21 trucks, six woods crews and 45 employees. 

Chalmers Insurance has been with McLucas every step of the way. "They're also family-owned, and they've treated us accordingly, like family and friends," notes Gayla McLucas. "They're also very savvy about all aspects of insurance—business and personal."

Working in the woods can be tricky, so McLucas appreciates the safety training that their workers' compensation carrier, recommended by Chalmers, provides. 

"Being a little out of the way, we're  glad to have a Chalmers office just five minutes up the road. It's great to be able to stop in and discuss any questions we have face-to-face."

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R.C. McLucas delivers firewood produced from hardwood logs too poor to use for lumber. Much of it comes from sustainable harvesting on their own thousand-acre property.