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“Chalmers makes the trickiest insurance problems look easy, from negotiating workers’ comp. to resolving claims. But they also go beyond insurance in their thinking and service to help us look smart with our clients.”

   —Jacques Santucci, MBA, Opus Consulting Group, Portland, ME

“Opus Consulting Group works with clients on business management strategies, from acceleration to renewal to exit strategy planning, and we help clients achieve results even in difficult environments.

“Lots of these companies have superb expertise in their field, but need help in other areas, including insurance. And when that’s the case, we rely on Chalmers for excellent advice and the right coverage at the right price.

“The Chalmers team asks the right questions to make sure they understand a client’s business. They always respond quickly, including when we’ve had a claim. Last but not least, they’re unfailingly polite.

“We switched to Chalmers when our previous agency was bought up by a larger firm. We appreciate dealing with an independent firm that is local and accessible, and that cares about a business of our size.

“I’ve also trusted Chalmers with my personal insurance needs including my home, auto and motorcycles."

“As a management consultant, I’m impressed by Chalmers’ overall strategy. They’ve thought carefully about balancing growth with their ability to provide excellent service, and they’re willing to go beyond selling an insurance policy and spend time doing whatever they can to help our business—and our clients—succeed.”

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