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Local & Community Involvement
Community is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Chalmers was founded on the belief that safety and security should be within reach for everyone. It’s a challenge we’ve embraced for more than one hundred and sixty years. A strong sense of social responsibility has remained embedded in the company, guiding our efforts to help people now and in future generations achieve peace of mind and a more secure future.

The role we play in our communities goes beyond providing insurance services to our clients. We strive to make a positive impact in the communities we serve, bridging the gap between our work and the needs of our neighbors. 

Our Three Pillars of Community Involvement

  1. Relief and Support to People in Crisis

    When the unexpected happens, we stand with our communities to help them bounce back stronger than ever. In collaboration with partners like The American Red Cross, we're committed to easing human suffering, offering care and shelter, and inspiring hope during emergencies.

  2. Human and Social Services 

    We believe in strengthening the very fabric of our neighborhoods by ensuring every individual's fundamental needs are addressed. From backing initiatives that provide affordable shelter and support for those battling addiction or facing abuse, to championing causes like End 68 Hours of Hunger, our aim is to pave the way for vibrant, resilient communities. Together, we work towards a future where everyone can be a thriving, positive contributor to society.

  3. Youth Sports and Recreation

    We recognize the profound impact of sports and recreational activities on a young person's development. Beyond fostering physical and mental well-being, they cultivate academic prowess, leadership abilities, and a deep-seated sense of community. Proudly partnering with organizations across Maine and New Hampshire, we're committed to broadening horizons and ensuring every child has the chance to shine on and off the field.


Community Champions

If you’re a charity, business, or community organizer local to one of our offices, please feel free to reach out. We have a co-worker in each office who is our point person for everything community.  


From our Clients
"I appreciate how friendly the Chalmers Group is when I talk to them. They always have a positive attitude. "
- Amanda H.