At Chalmers, we take pride in being involved with each community we serve. For decades, we have donated time and funds to over 50 different local charitable organizations in Maine and New Hampshire each year. In 2017, we have started an annual effort we call Chalmers Cares, under which we pledge to make an impact on one local non-profit by partnering with them throughout the year. We are excited to partner with End 68 Hours of Hunger as our first Chalmers Cares nonprofit.

End 68 Hours of Hunger is a New Hampshire nonprofit dedicated to helping local school children in need of food over the weekend. The reality is childhood hunger exists and some students go the entire weekend without food from their hot school lunch on Friday until free breakfast on Monday morning. Our concentrated effort to support this nonprofit includes donating time and funds, as well as helping them to open new chapters in our local office areas. We rally around this cause because we care about the youth in our communities and believe we can make a big difference for them through End 68.

The Chalmers Annual Meeting featured two speakers from End 68 Hours of Hunger: 
Mandy McDonald (left), Conway Chapter Head; and Claire Bloom, CEO.