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We have created a community based podcast called, The Community Cast, in an effort to give local business leaders a much deserved platform to share great ideas and to learn more about the things that make Maine and New Hampshire special places to work and live. We love partnering with folks who share our passion for community involvement and invite you to listen to our A+ local line-up! 

If you would like to be a guest or offer a topic or music suggestion, please contact:

 Carissa Chipman, Business Development Specialist

Episode 13

Brenda Thibodeau: “Innovation and Fertile Soils Reap Opportunity for Green Thumb Farms”

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Today we hear from Brenda Thibodeau, Owner and VP of Green Thumb Farms

In this episode she shares:

To learn more, visit Green Thumb Farms.


Episode 12

Nick Orgo: “The Art of Turning Dreams into Memories”

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Today we hear from Nick Orgo, Executive Chef and Owner of M.A.N.E. Catering and Event Service

In this episode he shares:

About being raised to appreciate and share the passion for good food

How collaborating with small business partners creates opportunity

How to plan for and make community connections

The importance of local involvement and helping others

For more information, email Nick @, visit M.A.N.E. Catering, or follow him on Facebook.

Episode 11

Julie Marchese: “United for a Cause”

Today’s Host: Carissa Chipman, Program Business Development Specialist at Chalmers Insurance Group

Today we hear from Julie Marchese, Founder and Race Director of Tri for a Cure

In this episode she shares:

What it’s like to learn a loved one has cancer

How to be your own best advocate

Why personal growth comes from within

How she grew her cause through successful fundraising

For more information, email Julie at

You can also join Julie for a cycle class at Cycle Bar.

Episode 10

Jennifer Bravo: “Inspiring Joy In Food & Community”

Today’s Host: Nina Cutter, Marketing Specialist at Chalmers Insurance Group

Today we hear from Jennifer Bravo, Chef, Health Coach and Artist

In this episode she shares:

How her multi-faceted career has evolved

Why she’s an advocate for intuitive eating and body acceptance

How the pandemic has affected her business

And finally, what community means to her and how she collaborates with other local businesses.

For more information about Jennifer, visit her Instagram and Campfire Pottery.

Episode 9

Dajuan Eubanks: “Presence Makes A Difference”

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Today we hear from Dajuan Eubanks, President of Maine Red Claws.

In this episode he shares:

The importance of education beyond athletics;

How initiation and hustle leads to opportunity;

The reward of community presence and involvement;

And Maine's hunger and love for the game of basketball. 

For more information about Dajuan, visit his LinkedIn or Twitter. For more information about Maine Red Claws, click here.

Episode 8

Lindsay Skilling: “Leadership During a Pandemic, One Scoop at a Time”

Today’s Host: Dottie Chalmers Cutter, 4th Generation Owner of Chalmers Insurance Group

Today we hear from Lindsay Skilling, CEO of Gifford's Famous Ice Cream

Her journey into the family business           

What it is like working alongside family

Manufacturing and staffing challenges during a pandemic

What it means to stay even

For more information, email:, or visit Gifford's on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Episode 7

Erin Mayo: “Transparent Communication at a New England Town Academy”

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Guest Erin Mayo, Head of School at Fryeburg Academy

Today we hear from Erin Mayo, head of school of Fryeburg Academy

How she has kept Fryeburg Academy relevant and exciting

The advantage of being proactive during a pandemic

How a pandemic has changed the student experience of a town academy

Her proudest moments of Fryeburg Academy

What it means to be the first female in her position


Episode 6

Nancy Plante: “For the Love of Doughnuts – Determination and Smiles, One Customer at a Time”

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Guest: Nancy Plante, Owner of Peace of Mind Baking Co.

Today we hear from Nancy Plante of Peace of Mind Baking Co.

Her life experiences that led her to gluten free baking

How she pivoted her business during a pandemic

How she is setting her family up for success and opportunity

Nancy always had a love for baking.  After finding out she had Celiac Disease at the age of 28, she knew her mission was to create quality gluten free items that would satisfy her cravings.   She has built a successful baking business offering delicious and nutritious muffins, pizza, cookies, whoopie pies and donuts. 

"Peace of Mind Baking Company" was created out of love for my children and baking, with compassion for all those suffering with food related issues. Our mission at "Peace of Mind Baking Co." is to bake with "LOVE" and a "conscience" using only the healthiest and finest ingredients that will nurture Mind, Body, and Soul!



Episode 5

George Cleveland: "Just Hug 'em, Georgie!" Leading with Your Heart

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Guest: George Cleveland, Executive Director, Gibson Center for Senior Services

Today we hear from George Cleveland of Gibson Center for Senior Services:

The many different careers that led him to his current position

The services the Gibson Center provides         

Who has influenced his career

And how the pandemic has impacted the social services sector

The Gibson Center for Senior Services is a non-profit corporation providing services to senior citizens of Northern Carroll County since 1979. Their goal is to enable seniors to remain in their homes, while maintaining a high level of independence and quality of life by offering an evolving array of programs and services. Their programs are designed to serve the needs of active and passive senior residents through nutrition programs (home delivery, congregate meals and nutrition education), transportation programs for the elderly and disabled to help meet their daily living needs, and referral and networking programs with related community service agencies.

For more information, email:

Episode 4

Brian and Denise McGrath: Embracing Challenge with Small Town Hustle and Hospitality:

Today’s Host: Bob Logan, Account Executive

Guest: Brian and Denise McGrath, owners of The Back Burner Restaurant in Brownfield, Maine

Today we hear from Brian and Denise McGrath, owners of The Back Burner Restaurant

How they became involved in the restaurant industry and what drew them back

How the hospitality industry has changed in Mount Washington Valley

How they strive to create a unique customer experience

What is in store for future of The Back Burner Restaurant

Having grown up in the hospitality and tourism industry, Brian and Denise McGrath decided to purchase The Back Burner Restaurant in Brownfield ME in 2018. Their passion for their business and community has helped them build both a successful restaurant and staff.  Learn how they did it by tuning in to The Community Cast today.

Episode 3

Kendra Jarratt: The Art of Motivation in Virtual Times

Today’s Host: Carissa Chipman, Program Business Development Specialist

Guest: Kendra Jarratt, Founder of Kendra Jarratt Coaching

Today we hear from Kendra Jarratt of Kendra Jarratt Coaching. 

How life brought her back to her true passion.

How already being virtual helped her thrive during this time.

Ways she helped her community stay fit virtually.

How her clients’ transformation energizes and inspires her.

What she thinks the fitness industry will look like going forward.  

The connections she has made through Zoom and social media.

Kendra Jarratt is a Nutritional and Fitness Coach in Portland ME. In her early 20s, she became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and focused on combining balanced nutrition with versatile functional strength straining. She left the fitness industry for many years while pursuing a corporate 9-5 job, but the fitness industry called her back. Her husband is a chiropractor and has helped expand her knowledge of both strength and recovery.  Now that she is older and wiser, she has discovered that her life experiences, nutrition and fitness consistencies in her own life as well as a psychology degree provide her with a unique perspective to help clients.  She helps them with a wide variety of goals, including: weight loss/gain, strength building, athletic performance, fit lifestyle coaching.

Kendra offers free 8 Week Transformation Challenges throughout the year to help you learn about how nutrition impacts our bodies individually. The next group starts July 12th, 2020.  For more information visit

To work with Kendra, visit or email her at


Episode 2

Kim Brown: How Building Relationships and Success Go Hand In Hand

Today’s Host: Katie Piper, Sales Manager - Personal Lines of Chalmers Insurance Group

Guest: Kim Brown, Senior Loan Officer of Harbor One Mortgage

Today we hear from Kim Brown of Harbor One Mortgage.

How she ended up in the mortgage business.

The biggest successes of her career.

Her guide for handing difficult conversations.

How patience and clear expectations build client relationships.

Qualitities to look for in business partners.

Ways she gives back to the community.

Kim Brown, Senior Loan Officer of Harbor One Mortgage, is a Maine native. Growing up in Portland and attending schools at both Catherine McAuley and USM, Kim is a true Portlander. Her South Portland office enables her to stay in tune with the hub of the Greater Portland market. She started her career in lending as a residential mortgage banker in 1999. She has experience in several areas of real estate to include commercial lending as well as property management. As a former owner of a property management company, Kim is extremely well versed in income producing properties, but also thrives in the finance of new construction and luxury homes. Providing outstanding service and high attention to detail are the cornerstones of Kim’s approach. Kim’s ability to create lasting relationships both professional and personal have proven to be the foundation of her success.

To work with Kim, visit or call 207-329-2100.


Episode 1

Brenda Leavitt: Building a Resilient Organization Around Mentorship and Community

Today’s Host: Steve Cote, President of Chalmers Insurance Group

Guest: Brenda Leavitt, Managing Partner of Badger Realty

Today we hear from Brenda Leavitt of Badger Realty.

How she grew into her leadership role.

What leading through the pandemic taught her.

Shaping the future of Real Estate.

Creating the Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Fund for diabetes education, testing, and care:

Brenda is a local Realtor who has helped to build Badger into the most well-known and respected agency in the MWV. Her experience, of more than 41 years in the real estate business, makes her an invaluable resource for customers and agents alike. Brenda is licensed in both Maine and New Hampshire and holds the Certified Residential Brokerage Management designation. A community activist, Brenda believes the key to success for both the company and community where you live is to give back to your community by becoming involved.

To work with one of their three area offices, visit Badger at or call Brenda at 603-356-5757.