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Personal Insurance
Our philosophy is that life is to be enjoyed and celebrated— but if anything happens, it is important to have the right safeguards in place.

Since 1857, Chalmers has been the go-to for individuals and families in Maine and New Hampshire. We know insurance can feel complex. With our deep roots and modern insights, we're here to guide and support you, making things as clear and simple as possible.

Your questions are always welcome; we're not just here to sell but to educate and empower you in your insurance choices.

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Our Process:

  1. We help you evaluate the types of insurance you need for yourself and your family.
  2. We work with multiple insurance companies to find you the best coverage.
  3. We work together to choose the best insurance program for your needs.

As a local, family-owned business, we are proud to give back to our communities and volunteer to support the causes and organizations we believe in. Learn more about our community involvement.

From our Clients
"The Chalmers Group was super friendly, energetic and somehow made me feel happy about purchasing insurance, something I thought I would never say in my life. They were kind, honest, and more than you could wish for while shopping for something as mundane as insurance. Six out of five stars. "
- Jordan P.