Breaking Down 2024 Insurance Trends: What You Need to Know
December 28, 2023 5 minute read

As we embrace 2024, the world of insurance is buzzing with changes that may seem overwhelming. But don't worry—we're here to break down what these changes mean for you in simple terms.

  1. Increasing Property Insurance Costs
    In 2024, insuring your home or property is likely to cost a bit more. Why? The costs of building materials and labor have gone up. Think of it like renovating your kitchen; as the cost of cabinets and labor increases, so does your overall renovation bill. Likewise, these rising costs affect insurance rates.

  2. Auto Insurance Premiums Increasing 
    Just like the unpredictable road conditions, auto insurance is changing in 2024. With inflation, labor shortages, and vehicle repair costs climbing, insuring your car might become pricier. Consider it a financial bump in the road you need to be prepared for.

  3. Combating Distracted Driving Through Technology 
    In response to the ongoing issue of distracted driving, the insurance industry in 2024 is increasingly utilizing technology for monitoring and prevention. Tools like telematics devices and phone usage-restricting apps are being employed to track and improve driving behavior. This approach not only promotes safer driving but also allows for personalized insurance premiums, incentivizing attentive driving with potential cost benefits.

  4. A Shift Toward Usage-Based Insurance 
    This innovative model allows you to pay for car insurance based on how much you drive, making it particularly beneficial for infrequent drivers.

  5. General Liability Insurance - Staying Steady
    If you run a business, general liability insurance serves as an umbrella on a rainy day—it protects you from unforeseen liabilities. While rates have steadied, they're not dropping, emphasizing the importance of quality coverage over price.

  6. The Fluctuations of Commercial Umbrella Insurance 
    For business owners, commercial umbrella insurance offers extra protection when that rainy day turns into a storm. It’s seen some rate increases, meaning you might pay more for this added layer of safety.

  7. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance – Essential Protection
    Board members and officers must note that due to a rise in claims, the cost of this essential shield is going up.

  8. Employee Dishonesty/Crime/Fidelity Insurance
    This insurance protects your business from financial loss due to dishonest acts by employees. Prices are relatively stable in 2024, but they may slightly increase as business operations expand.

  9. Cyber Liability Insurance - An Increasing Necessity
    In our increasingly digital world, cyber liability insurance is becoming as crucial as locking your front door at night. Stay alert to the rise in cyber threats like "social engineering" scams, which are driving up premiums.

  10. The Technological Evolution in Claims Processing and Insurance Services
    As we step into 2024, the increasingly pivotal role of technology is evident. Digital tools and AI are reshaping customer service and transaction security, making insurance processes smoother and more efficient.

  11. Climate Change Driving Industry Changes
    Climate change is driving the need for advanced technology to better understand and manage weather-related risks, potentially leading to higher insurance costs.

  12. Evolving Flood Insurance Landscape
    In 2024, flood insurance is adapting to new realities. Flooding is increasingly affecting areas beyond traditional flood zones, leading to changes in policy offerings. Insurance carriers are incorporating endorsements for smart home features like water flow controls and freeze alarms, aimed at mitigating damage. These updates signify a shift towards prevention and technology-based solutions in flood risk management.

Your Trusted Partner Through It All 

At Chalmers Insurance, we understand that insurance can be complex. We are committed to helping you navigate these changes and ensure you have the right coverage for your unique needs in 2024 and beyond.

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Distracted driving – ways to monitor that.

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