Master Winter Roads: Essential Driving Tips for New Hampshire & Maine
January 29, 2024 4 minute read

The winter season in New Hampshire and Maine brings both beauty and challenges for drivers. Snow and ice transform road conditions, making driving more hazardous. This is evident from the 2021 statistics in the U.S. that recorded 395 fatal crashes and over 22,000 injury crashes in snow and sleet conditions, with a significant portion of weather-related traffic accidents occurring on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement.

Vehicle Readiness for Winter

Preparing your vehicle for winter is crucial for safety and maintaining optimal performance. When temperatures start to fall, it’s wise to regularly check on important aspects like tire pressure and battery health. These maintenance steps are key for ensuring your safety while driving in winter conditions. Additionally, this level of care for your vehicle might positively influence your auto insurance premiums. While it's not a guarantee, insurance companies sometimes view well-maintained vehicles as less of a risk, which could possibly lead to more favorable rates. So, keeping your vehicle in good shape is not just about safety – it might also have a beneficial impact on your insurance costs.

Safe Winter Driving Practices

Adapting your driving style to meet the demands of winter road conditions is a crucial aspect of safe driving:

The Role of Snow Tires

Snow tires are a critical component for winter driving, offering significantly better traction and control in snowy conditions compared to regular tires. They are designed with deeper treads and specialized rubber compounds to improve grip on snow and ice.

Emergency Preparedness

Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes a snow shovel, ice scraper, blankets, and a charger. It's also recommended to maintain a nearly full gas tank, especially for longer journeys and in case of emergencies.

Handling an Accident

If an accident occurs, prioritize safety, call the police, and collect information for insurance claims. After that, contact Chalmers for assistance.


Driving in winter in New Hampshire and Maine requires thorough preparation, safe driving practices, and an understanding of auto insurance coverage. Staying informed, prepared, and cautious ensures a safer driving experience during winter. Always remember, your attentiveness and preparedness are crucial in safely navigating winter roads.


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