Who Is Covered to Drive Your Car?
January 2, 2024 4 minute read

Ever wondered if your friend can drive your car and still be covered by your insurance? It's a common question, and we're here to help. This post will explain your auto insurance coverage in simple terms, so you know who can safely share your car.

Understanding Your Coverage

To answer your question: yes, in many instances, your auto insurance policy does extend coverage to drivers who use your car with your permission. This is known as 'permissive use' and usually includes occasional use by friends and family members. But keep in mind, each insurance policy is unique, and specific coverage details may vary.

Family Members and Your Insurance

When it comes to family, your auto insurance policy usually has you covered. It typically includes family members who live with you and occasionally use your car. Just a heads up, most insurance companies expect all licensed household members to be on your policy. This is super important to make sure your family is fully covered when they're behind the wheel.

Excluded Drivers and Your Policy

Sometimes, you might need to make a tough call and exclude a driver from your policy, meaning they won't be covered when driving your car. This could be a smart move if a driver is high-risk and might bump up your rates. It's a decision that deserves some thought, as it directly affects how protected you are under your policy.

Primary vs. Secondary Insurance Coverage

Now, here's something important to note: if a friend or family member with their own insurance gets into an accident in your car, understanding how insurance coverage is sorted is crucial. Usually, your policy is the go-to (primary coverage), and the borrower’s insurance kicks in as a backup (secondary coverage) if the costs go over your policy’s limits.

Exceptions: Non-Permissive Use

As with most things in life, there are exceptions. For instances like theft or if someone takes your car without permission, your insurance plays by different rules. That's why getting to know the nitty-gritty of your policy is crucial.

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General guidelines exist about who can drive your car under your insurance, but the details vary based on your individual policy. To fully understand your coverage, it's essential to be familiar with your policy's specifics and consult with your Chalmers agent for personalized advice.

We're Here to Help

Have questions or looking for more information? Our Chalmers Insurance team is always available to provide the clarity and assistance you need. Feel free to reach out for expert guidance in all your insurance matters.

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