Why Insurance Agencies Offer the Best Safety Net: Online vs. Agent Explained
September 11, 2023 4 minute read

When you're on the hunt for insurance, you essentially have two avenues to explore: buying directly online from insurance companies or consulting an insurance agent. Each method comes with its unique set of advantages.

Buying Insurance Online 

Buying insurance directly online offers a level of immediacy that can't be matched. This is the age of digital convenience afterall! If it's 2 a.m. and you decide you want to see a quote for car insurance, there's nothing stopping you. Websites are always open, and always ready to provide quick pricing.

When you go this route, you're dealing directly with the source, the big insurance company itself. This might give some the confidence of having gone right to the wellspring. However, with this method, sometimes it can feel a bit impersonal, similar to using an ATM machine. And if you have unique needs or questions? Well, you might find yourself on hold, waiting for someone to help clarify things.

Working With an Independent Agency 

On the other hand, opting to work through an insurance agent is akin to having a trusted advisor by your side. Agents truly shine in the personal touch they provide. They take the time to listen, to really understand your individual needs and circumstances. With this in-depth knowledge, they can guide you to the best insurance plan tailored for you.

But here's where agents truly stand out: they have the capability to shop around. Instead of being bound to the offerings of a single company, agents can scan the offerings of multiple insurers, ensuring you not only get the best coverage but also the most competitive rates. It's a bit like having a personal shopper who knows the ins and outs of the insurance marketplace. And should any issues arise or if you have any concerns, your agent is your go-to resource, streamlining the process and assisting you every step of the way. The only catch? They aren't available 24/7. But many find the wait worthwhile for the expertise they bring to the table.

A Simple Example

Let's frame it this way. Say you're craving a meal. Going online for insurance is like using a fast-food app – it's quick, and you get what you see. But choosing an agent? It's like having a chef who asks about your taste, crafts a special dish just for you, and even knows where to find the freshest ingredients at the best prices.

A Little Side Note

Okay, you caught us! We might be a tiny bit biased, being an insurance agency and all. But jokes aside, our priority is always ensuring that our clients are best positioned for when life throws curveballs. And from our years of experience (and many stories of unexpected rainstorms and metaphorical flat tires), we genuinely believe that having an agent by your side is the safest bet. It's not just about finding a policy; it's about having a safety net tailored to catch you, no matter the tumble.

To Wrap Up

Whether you choose the immediacy of online shopping or the tailored experience of an agent, it's essential to find what fits your comfort and needs. However, the personalized guidance and broad market view offered by agents often make them the preferred choice for those looking for the best insurance value.

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