Your Friendly Guide to Understanding Key Insurance Terms
August 30, 2023 3 minute read

Welcome to the world of insurance lingo! Whether you're just starting your insurance journey or could use a refresher, below are some important insurance terms. We're here to help, and our agents are just a message away if you need more explanations. Let's get started!

Premium: This is the starting point for most insurance journeys. Simply put, it's the amount you pay for your insurance policy. Think of it as the price tag of your coverage.

Policyholder: If you've got an insurance policy, this is you! It's the person or entity the insurance company recognizes as the insured.

Coverage: This is the heart of any policy. Coverage describes the protection and benefits provided by your insurance terms.

Exclusion: It's crucial to know what isn't covered. Exclusions detail specific scenarios or conditions where benefits won't be paid.

Limit: While insurance is protective, it doesn't offer infinite payouts. The limit defines the maximum payout for a covered loss.

Peril: These are the events you usually cross your fingers to avoid - things like fires, thefts, or hurricanes that might lead to losses.

Deductible: Before your insurance kicks in for a covered loss, there's an initial amount you're responsible for paying. This upfront cost is your deductible.

Claim: If an unfortunate event occurs and you suffer a loss, you'll submit a claim. It's essentially your formal request for payment based on the terms of your insurance policy.

Indemnity: If you suffer a loss, indemnity ensures you receive compensation, trying to restore your financial position to its pre-loss state.

Actual Cash Value (ACV): Think of this as the current value of an item when disaster strikes. It's worked out by taking the cost to replace it brand new and then subtracting a bit for wear and tear (depreciation).

Replacement Cost: If you've lost something or it's been damaged, this is the full cost of getting an identical or very similar replacement, without any deduction for its age or use.

Binder: Picture this as a placeholder or a 'coming soon' sign. It's a temporary insurance agreement that stands in while the full-fledged policy is being crafted.

Endorsement & Rider: Both these terms refer to changes or additions to your policy. While an endorsement alters provisions, a rider adds or amends coverage.

Umbrella Policy: Imagine your basic insurance as an umbrella keeping you dry in light rain. Now, for those unexpected downpours, you'd want a bigger umbrella, right? That's what this policy is – extra coverage for those heavy storms, going beyond your regular policy limits.

Underwriter: Behind the scenes, there's a professional calculating risks and pricing. This expert, known as an underwriter, evaluates the potential risks of insuring individuals or assets.

Agent: Feeling lost with insurance choices? Look no further. Chalmers agents are your go-to professionals, guiding you to understand and select the best insurance policy for your needs.

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