Why Older Cars Might Cost More to Insure
November 8, 2023 3 minute read

An older car may come with memories and perhaps a sense of trustworthiness, but sometimes, it also brings a surprise: an unexpected hike in insurance rates. Here's a deeper look into why this might happen.

Factors That Drive Up Your Premium:

  1. The Basics of Premium Calculation:
    The cost of your car insurance isn't just based on the age of your car. Your own age, your driving history, and even where you live can impact the amount you pay. These factors, combined with the vehicle details, determine your premium.

  2. Parts and Repair Costs:
    As cars age, some of their parts become rarer and, therefore, pricier. If an older car gets into an accident, the cost to repair it might be higher due to the scarcity of these parts. Insurance companies see this and might adjust rates accordingly.

  3. Modern Safety Features:
    Newer cars come equipped with advanced safety features like rear-view cameras and accident alerts. Older models might lack these, making them potentially riskier in the eyes of insurance companies.

  4. Risk of Theft:
    Older cars often don't have the latest anti-theft technology, making them an easier target for thieves. A higher theft risk can translate to a higher premium.

  5. The Balance of Depreciation:
    While the value of your car goes down over time (depreciation), insurance costs don't always follow suit. Even though it might be cheaper to replace an older car, the potential repair or theft risks can offset this.

How You Might Be Able To Reduce the Insurance Cost for Your Older Car

Ask for Usage-based Insurance
If you drive an older car less frequently, you might benefit from usage-based insurance, especially if you have a classic car that spends more time in the garage than on the road.

Rethink Collision Coverage:
Given the depreciating value of older cars, some insurance experts might suggest dropping collision coverage. This is because there could be a point where the premium, combined with the deductible, costs more than the car's value. However, if you opt-out, remember that in case of a total loss, you'll be footing the bill for a replacement.

Adjust Your Deductible:
A higher deductible usually means a lower premium. This can be a smart move for older cars, but ensure you're financially prepared to handle the higher upfront cost if an accident occurs.

Ask About Discounts:
There are various discounts available, from those for safe driving to installing safety features. Always check with your agent about potential savings.

Navigating Insurance with Expertise:

Choosing the right coverage isn't just about finding the cheapest option; it's about understanding your needs and risks. Working with an independent insurance agency like Chalmers provides a personalized touch. We research, compare, and present the best options tailored for you, ensuring your coverage fits both your needs and budget.

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